League of Legends musikalisch: Still ulting you

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Ulting you

YouTube’lerin Myra Merciless (harter Name für jemanden, der laut Song-Lyrics gerne mit Lulu spielt) covered den Paramore-Song Still into you und packt die League of Legends Keule aus, während Euch Pikachu im Hintergrund Löcher in Eure Seele starrt.

Genau die richtige Mischung aus creepy, sexy und liebreizend, ganz im Stil der gesamten League of Legends Community 😉

Für alle die mitträllern wollen, hier die Song-Lyrics:

Can’t count the games on one hand that we’ve played together
I need the other one to shield you, Poke with Pix, taking hits for ya
It’s not a walk in the park to support ya
But when our engages are strong
Can’t deny, can’t deny we’ve done it

Cause after all this time, I’m still ulting you

You know I’d save you from the bad guys
I’m ulting you
‚Cause baby even in our worst fights
I’m ulting you

Let ‚em wonder how we won our lane
‚Cause I don’t really need to wonder at all
Yeah, after all this time, I’m still ulting you.

Recalling back to the base, To get your BT
And on the walk back to the lane, 
I sped your step, sped your step with a Whimsy
We got control of our lane, And took their tower
And to our favorite song, We sang along, „Up all night to get LP“

Some lanes just, some lanes just make sense
And one of those is you and I
Some lanes just, some lanes just make sense
And even after all this time…

Wild Growth’s on you…
Baby not a day goes by that I’m not ulting you